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How Stars Are Vowing To Do Love Differently In 2022

From Celibacy To Manifesting A Soul Mate: How Stars Are Vowing To Do Love Differently In 2022
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Did you learn some hard love lessons in 2021? If so, you’re not alone. Some of your favorite stars walked away from new, long-term as well as toxic relationships last year. Others learned a lot about themselves, their wants and needs and thoughts on love and marriage, in solitude. Those experiences have since informed the way they see the quest to find their special person and they’re going into this new year with a changed perspective, proclaiming great things for themselves. From Keyshia Cole to Chilli, the following celebrity women opened up about what their hopes are in their personal lives and how they will go about love in 2022 (via social media, of course). Check out what they had to say.

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