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Feast and Field chats with Michelle McBride, the founder of GoodSport (and a mom of 3!), about her new milk-based sports drink.

GoodSport - Michelle McBride

Michelle McBride, founder of GoodSport

In honor of National Milk Day on January 11th, here’s the scoop on her innovative new creation.

How did you come up with the concept for GoodSport?

“I created GoodSport because I didn’t want my son to drink the sports drinks filled with artificial ingredients that were being offered at his baseball games. I knew hydration was important but was disappointed by the options, and recognized that athletes of all levels faced the same predicament. They had to settle for sports drinks that were either filled with artificial ingredients or ones that didn’t provide any level of hydration beyond that of plain water.

I had read about athletes who drink chocolate milk to recover and brought it for my son as a healthier alternative after his workouts, and it provided the inspiration to look at milk as a source of hydration during physical activity.”

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Why did you think it was needed?

“With a little research, I learned that milk is packed with the essential electrolytes needed for optimal hydration and that studies have shown milk is far more hydrating than traditional sports drinks and water. So I set out to make a sports drink from milk that would provide truly effective hydration without all of the added artificial ingredients or sugar. It took almost five years of research and development with teams of scientists to create GoodSport, the first-ever sports drink made with naturally sourced electrolytes and carbs from the goodness of milk.”

GoodSport 2

How are the customer reviews so far?

“Teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and WNBA provide GoodSport to their athletes because it has been scientifically tested and shown to provide rapid and long-lasting hydration and improve exercise performance. The best compliments we get are from athletes who tell us that not only do they feel great when they drink GoodSport, but that they love how it tastes. Just because we harness the electrolytes from milk doesn’t mean it tastes like it; GoodSport has the clear consistency you would expect from a sports drink with natural flavors that are thirst-quenching and really delicious.”

Lastly, where can we buy it?

GoodSport is now available in retail locations throughout the Chicagoland area, on Amazon and our website,

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