Introducing Australia’s Most Cursed Drink: Zooper Dooper-Flavoured Milk

Have you ever seen a strange snack flavour and thought ‘Why does this exist? Who is this for?’

Those are the questions currently flowing through our minds, as we’ve just found the most interesting/disturbing/ambitious food crossover to date; Zooper Dooper-flavoured milk.

While we love a cold Zooper Dooper and a cheeky choccy milk on a hot day, we’re more than a little perturbed by the combination’s existence.

It’s like they were too busy focusing on what they could do, rather than what they should.

Find out what your favourite snack says about you:

Coming in three of the iconic ice-block’s most beloved flavours (Pineapple, Raspberry and Bubblegum), 600mL of the bizarre dairy product will set you back several dollars and 20% of your daily intake, if you’re willing to risk a few tastebuds for a potentially cursed beverage.

We suppose it couldn’t be any worse than the Cadbury Vegemite bar.

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