IRON ORE, COPPER, OIL, GAS, GOLD, NICKEL, DXY Elliott Wave Analysis [video]

Commodity Futures Trading: Iron Ore, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Crude, Oil, Copper, Natural Gas and Dollar Index DXY with Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Trading strategies.

Iron Ore Elliott wave: C Low in place waiting for confirmation.
Gold  Elliott wave Triangle Pattern Wave A of (E) of 4).
Crude Oil Elliott wave: (A) of 2).
Copper Elliott wave Triangle b) of D of (4).
Natural Gas Elliott wave: (v) of C of 4.
Dollar Index DXY Elliott wave: (iv) of c).

Video Chapters:
00:00 Iron Ore.
01:20 Gold Silver.
05:27 Crude Oil.
07:05 Copper.
09:15 Natural Gas.
11:53 Nickel.
12:43 Dollar Index DXY.
15:30 Thanks watching tradinglounge analysis.

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