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Letters appearing in the Webster-Kirkwood Times over the last two weeks and the Save Sugar Creek Ranch effort concern PZ-09-22, a request for a driveway easement to service a property on West Adams that would come out on Horseshoe Drive, part of the Sugar Creek Ranch Historic District. The easement is not the only, or necessarily best, access solution.

There are many factual code, safety, aesthetic and regulatory issues, but this really comes down to the convenience, cost avoidance and wants of one family balanced against the convenience, cost avoidance and risk to more than 80 families. Fifty-six families live in the Sugar Creek Ranch Historic District. Twenty-eight families live on the two blocks of Lark Avenue and Embassy Lane. Eighty-four families use the intersection of Lark Avenue and Couch as their only access.

Dozens of school children wait at bus stops in the morning and get off the buses in the afternoon on the narrow streets, without sidewalks. Children, adults and families walk their dogs, ride their bikes and walk for recreation up and down these streets. When we get snow, once the streets are plowed, the streets narrow to 16 feet wide or less. With the mounds of plowed snow, the kids must walk and wait for the bus in the remaining narrow strip of clean pavement.

We moved into Sugar Creek Ranch 36 years ago, making us relative newcomers. We raised our daughter here. Another generation of families is now raising their children here. Sugar Creek Ranch has remained a safe, secure neighborhood in which to raise our children for 67 years. It would be a shame if the safety and security of these families were jeopardized by a decision regarding PZ-09-22.

Dave Robbins – Kirkwood

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