Milk Bank For Lactating Mothers To Open In Jabalpur

A mother’s milk bank is ready to be set up in the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. According to ANI, the government has decided to set this project up in Rani Durgavati hospital (Lady Elgin). 


This decision was made after a team of doctors inspected the hospital and gave a thumbs up for this pilot project. National Health Mission is working in collaboration with UNICEF on this project and UNICEF too has approved the hospital for the bank.

Dr Sanjay Mishra, Joint Director, Health Service said, “Some lactating women end us giving a higher amount of milk which might create health problems for them. On the other hand, there are some mothers who cannot provide a sufficient amount of breast milk for their children. Hence, the government decided to establish a milk bank at Rani Durgavati Hospital.”


The official also informed that milk stored in banks will not be limited to patients admitted in Rani Durgavati Hospital but also to patients coming in from the private hospitals, that too for free of cost. 

“Milk from women who are getting higher quantity will be collected, pasteurized and stored which, further, will be made available to the children of mothers who are getting less quantity of milk,” he added. 

Unsplash/ Raghavendra Konkathi

According to Dr Mishra, the bank will be ready in over two months time.   

According to reports, Rani Durgavati Hospital is the largest hospital in the Jabalpur division. More than 50 pregnant women are admitted here daily and more than 30 deliveries are carried out here regularly.  

A great initiative by the government.  

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