Milk Bar’s Latest Creation Puts A Thick, Buttery Twist On Pancake Stacks

According to a Milk Bar Instagram Story, the Pancake Cake was inspired by late-night diners, where you can get a stack of pancakes any time of the day or night, and no one’s going to tell you to lay off the syrup. The Pancake Cake is made up of layers of thick pancakes held together by maple frosting and cookie butter whose flavors and textures are enhanced by a brown butter crumb. Like other Milk Bar cakes, it’s not overly frosted; instead, topping it off is a thin layer of maple syrup glaze. And of course, no pancake experience would be complete without a “slab o’ butter” on top, and despite its cake form, this pancake doesn’t skimp on the butter. 

This cake can be enjoyed cold or warmed up, and the Milk Bar website suggests pairing it with a hot cup of coffee. You can store it in the freezer for up to a month if you’re trying to pace yourself. On the other hand, this cake sounds perfect for breakfast, post-dinner dessert, or anything in between.

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