Milk meant for free distribution in Andhra Pradesh on sale in Kandhamal market  

Phulbani: Milk packets from Andhra Pradesh meant for free distribution among poor children are allegedly being trafficked to Kotgarh market in Kandhamal district for sale among the locals.

Vendors in Kotgarh market are selling these milk packets for Rs 45 per litre. The tea sellers in the area are purchasing the milk.  As a result, the local vendors who are selling locally manufactured milk are finding it difficult to sustain against the flooding of Andhra Pradesh milk in the local market.

The milk packets sold in the name of ‘Vijay Vajra’ carries the image of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy on the packet.  The packets are available in various shops in the Kotgarh market where it has been mentioned on the packet that the milk is not for sale and meant for free distribution only.

However, what has surprised many that no one knows that how the milk packets are being transported to Kotgarh block for sale. Even no government officials have any information about it.  The milk pouches are also available in Durgapanga, Bondapipili, Tumudibandha areas of the district. It is suspected that some middlemen are involved in transporting the milk packets and selling them to vendors and various shopkeepers in the area.

Locals have expressed concern over the development. They questioned how the milk packets reached the area despite police patrolling. Locals said that more than 1,000 litres of milk packets are being illegally transported to the district from Andhra Pradesh on a regular basis and delivered to the vendors in the areas for sale among people.

Some locals alleged that these milk packets are transported to Kotgarh from Rayagada district which is on its borders.


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