Swiss milk processor Emmi secures majority stake in Brazilian dairy Verde Campo

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With the purchase of Verde Campo, the Swiss company is strengthening its existing market position in the key strategic market of Brazil, the largest market for dairy products in Latin America.

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The Switzerland-based milk processor Emmi is acquiring a majority stake in the Brazilian dairy company Verde Campo. The stake is being purchased from Coca-Cola at an undisclosed price, as outlined in a press release issued on Tuesday. 

With the purchase of Verde Campo, the Swiss company is strengthening its “existing market position in the strategic market of Brazil”, the largest for dairy products in Latin America. Emmi sees further potential in the country, where it already operates the subsidiary Laticínios Porto Alegre. 


Verde Campo is well established with its products in Brazil and the brand is regarded as a pioneer in the protein sector. According to the press release, the brand is highly regarded by nutritionists “for its positive health properties, such as lactose-free, protein-rich and natural recipes”.  

Verde Campo will continue to operate as an independent company, as stated in the press release. The dairy’s former founding team will also maintain their investment in the company. According to the press release, they will retain a 30% stake in the company, securing them a seat on the Board of Directors.

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However, the transaction still requires approval from the authorities. Verde Campo reports a turnover of 301 million reals (CHF52.1 million).  

Brazil is Emmi’s third-largest market after Switzerland and the United States (US). In the Americas market, which includes Brazil, the US, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Tunisia and Spain, the company achieved sales of CHF1.7 billion last year, accounting for 40% of total sales. 

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