Watch a ‘ghost’ throw a milk jug off a shelf at this popular tea room

The Village Green Tea Room in Rivington <i>(Image: Submit)</i>

The Village Green Tea Room in Rivington (Image: Submit)

Staff at a tearoom have reason to believe in the supernatural after a glass milk jug was ‘thrown’ off a shelf at night.

The Village Green Tea Room in Rivington is known for its delicious homemade food and sense of community, but it also may be home to a friendly ghost.

Co-owner Jade Tolen posted CCTV footage last night showing a milk jug being thrown to the floor randomly.

Jade said: “When we come in, things are always on the floor but last night’s looked like it was thrown off the shelf.

“The jugs are in a tray so there’s no way it could just fall off by itself.

“Yesterday, I would not come in on my own after that and sat outside until everybody got here, because when you are on your own, you have a weird feeling.”

In the video, something can be seen falling off a shelf. Although it cannot be fully seen in view, in the bottom right corner of the CCTV footage, staff say this was a small glass milk jug.

The café is used to hosting physic medium nights and, once, Jade was told that there was indeed a friendly ghost in the building, called Annabelle who liked them being there.

Jade said: “Anabelle is apparently upstairs, and she liked us doing renovations and making it into a community space.

“So, now when I am on my own, I talk to myself and just say it’s only me Anabelle.”

This is not the first time The Village Tea Rooms has captured an eerie sight as Jade explained that previously there was footage of a cloud outside which, when zoomed in, looks like a person going past.

In another instance, a vague image of someone sat in a chair in the tearoom is captured.

Jade said: “My mum was on her own once and thought someone had come in, so she went to the kitchen to greet them but there was nobody there.

“It always feels like something is there with you and I always say it’s a friendly ghost, but I need solid evidence because I know things can move about or fall off shelves.

The Bolton News: Village Green Tea Rooms

The Bolton News: Village Green Tea Rooms

“I watched the CCTV back and it looks like a light shines across the room, and I watched the outside but there were no cars or anything the light could have come from.”

Previously, paranormal investigators, Para-Northern, have been to investigate the tea rooms, and reported hearing voices but did not record much activity itself.

There is speculation the shop was used to store ammunition in the world wars and Para-Northern recalled encountering an American pilot which could tie in with this.

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