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Alan posted an edited picture featuring Andrew Marr and Boris Johnson speaking in a fictional conversation.

Andrew asked Boris: “Out of all the lies you’ve told since becoming PM, which one is your favourite?”

Boris responded: “I don’t tell lies.”

Andrew responded: “That’s my favourite too.”

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From the end of this week and into next, face masks will be required in more public settings, the NHS Covid Pass will be required to enter some events and venues, and people will be asked to work from home where possible.

Lord Sugar shared his fears for small businesses this month due to the new Covid rules being implemented.

As a result, he called on the assistance of his frenemy Piers to help promote his campaign with his own 7.9 million Twitter following.

Lord Sugar wrote in view of his 5.2 million followers yesterday evening: “Come on Piersy join me in a Boris out campaign.

“We are all going to be on our knees soon. Businesses will collapse and people will be out of work. @piersmorgan.”

Twitter user A S replied: “Small businesses are still recovering from the first lockdown, the majority received absolutely zero financial support but gained increased debt. The government that pledged to be the gov for business continues to kick them when down.”

Jo McQueen argued: “And who will take his place? It will just get worse.”

The journalist and The Apprentice star had previously been friends for 25 years before arguments erupted in early 2020.

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