School of Art M.F.A. Student and Artists Across the Midwest Present ‘Among Beasts’ at sUgAR Gallery

Bighorn Sheep, Woodcut Print

Abbi Ruppert

Bighorn Sheep, Woodcut Print

School of Art Master of Fine Arts graduate student Haley Clancy Inyart has collaborated with artists across the Midwest to present ‘Among Beasts’ exhibition at sUGAR Gallery.

The exhibition includes work from Inyart alongside Joseph Jesse Ovalle and Caitlyn Emily Clark, M.F.A. students from Indiana University, Abbi Loree Ruppert, M.F.A. student from West Virginia University, and Melanie Cooper Pennington, professor of sculpture at Indiana University.

Among Beasts is currently on display through Friday, Dec. 17. All are invited to view the exhibition by appointment by contacting Haley Clancy Inyart or at the closing reception Dec. 16 from 7-9 p.m.

The exhibition brings together both literal and abstract representations of beasts and animal-like forms from these five multi-media artists. Wall pieces and sculptural work cohabit the space with various shifts in size, contrast and styles among the artworks.

Sculptures, prints and drawings each tell their own stories of the animal kingdom. The “beast” is used by the artists as various metaphors, icons to reference contemporary crises, and an avenue for visual literacy. Imagery of beasts, animals and creatures have been depicted by humans for thousands of years, this collective continues this practice of depiction.

Among Beasts has been curated by featured artists Joseph Jesse Ovalle and Haley Clancy Inyart.

The School of Art, in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, invites everyone to experience Among Beasts Thursday, Dec. 16 from 7-9 p.m. at the closing reception at sUgAR Gallery. sUgAR Gallery is a University of Arkansas Student Gallery and a student-run exhibition space located at 1 E. Center Street in downtown Fayetteville.


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