Are the New England Patriots cursed by their silver pants?

On top of all the changes the Patriots have been dealing with over the last month, the decision to change their uniform was not something many anticipated before Monday night.

The home uniform combo has yet to receive the most love for the past few seasons. The blue jersey on blue pants, similar to the color rush uniforms from years past, has consistently been met with much criticism from the fans. Mock-ups made by artists online have circulated, begging the Patriots to bring back the blue jerseys with silver pants, and that’s precisely what they did on Monday Night against Chicago.

The excitement was felt as soon as the Patriots revealed the change in a video posted on Twitter Monday morning. The demands from the fans had been heard, and similar to the reaction to the throwback uniforms, it seemed even the players were happy about the change.

But much of that excitement faltered throughout the game as the team struggled in all phases for nearly all four quarters. This then begged the question, how has New England fared in recent games when wearing the silver pants?

The last three times the team wore silver pants are likely memories the fans would like not to revisit.

  • Week 17 of the 2019 season vs. the Dolphins: Patriots lose 27-24
    Ryan Fitzpatrick outplayed Tom Brady, the Patriots had three total turnovers (including a pick-six), and the game ended with multiple fumbles by the offense.
  • Wild Card Weekend in January 2020 vs. the Titans: Patriots lose 20-13
    In what would be Tom Brady’s last game in New England, the team was beaten by a quarterback who threw for only 72 yards while Derrick Henry bulldozed them for 182 yards and a touchdown. The loss eliminated them from advancing in the playoffs and is fans’ final memory of Brady with the Patriots.
  • Week 7 of the 2022 season vs. The Bears: Patriots lose 33-14
    Outside of the clear quarterback carousel Bill Belichick is going with, the defense couldn’t contain Justin Fields, much like their struggles against Lamar Jackson earlier this season. The offense couldn’t get into a rhythm with either quarterback, other than the two scoring drives and special teams was a mess from beginning to end.

The nostalgia the silver pants brought was certainly fun while it lasted. But given their recent history and the superstitions that come with it, it may be time not to get them back out for a while. The team should consider revisiting the red throwbacks instead.

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