Daredevil Shares His Powers With One Surprising Cosmic Hero


  • Daredevil and the Silver Surfer team up in a 2013 comic due to an alien’s request for the Avengers’ assistance.
  • Both heroes possess unique vision abilities – Daredevil has radar powers and Silver Surfer sees people through their souls.
  • The Silver Surfer struggles to use his sight on Earth, and both heroes bond over their surprisingly similar powers.

Although Daredevil and the Silver Surfer are literally worlds apart in terms of the scope and nature of their stories, these two vastly different heroes have one major power in common. Marvel Comics has a ton of street-level heroes who spend most of their time dealing with everyday crime instead of massive world-ending problems. There are also tons of heroes that deal purely with the cosmic side of things, heroes whose powers are so great that a pair of muggers simply isn’t worth their attention.

As unlikely as this pairing seems, Daredevil and Silver Surfer do actually team up in 2013’s Daredevil #30 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez, and Joe Caramagna. This team-up is made possible because an alien comes to Matt Murdock’s office, insisting he be allowed to speak to the Avengers for the safety of the world.

Daredevil notices Silver Surfer has similar senses

While Daredevil is suspicious, things only get more complicated when the Silver Surfer shows up. It turns out that this alien is a fugitive and only exists to spread lies and chaos, and Silver Surfer has difficulty tracking him due to his vision. The Silver Surfers’ vision is based on seeing people’s souls, which is difficult for this particular alien race.


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Silver Surfer And Daredevil’s Powers Are Surprisingly Similar

Daredevil explains how his powers are similar to Silver Surfers

One of the reasons Daredevil is the greatest street-level hero Marvel has is because of his absurd powers that still let him operate at street level. Daredevil has radar powers that allow him to “see” 360 degrees around his body, despite the fact that he’s technically blind. This gives Daredevil a unique perspective on the world, since he’s able to perceive everything without actually being able to see it. Certain things can also throw his powers into complete disarray, such as subway trains or rain. The noise from the former and the massive amount of moving things during the latter both play hell on his senses. And apparently, Silver Surfer’s sight works somewhat similarly.

The Silver Surfer is outrageously powerful and often helps deal with Marvel’s bigger cosmic events. For example, when Knull the King in Black nearly destroys the planet, it’s the Silver Surfer who comes and helps to turn the tides. This is a huge difference from Daredevil, who often deals with basic criminals and gang leaders. But the surprising connection is in the fact that Silver Surfer, who spends almost all his time in space, has a similar vision ability to Daredevil. While Daredevil can see the shape of things through his radar vision, the Silver Surfer can see people through their “inner light,” the shape and color of their souls.

Silver Surfer Has Difficulty Seeing On Earth

Silver Surfer can't see very well on Earth

Often in Marvel Comics, it turns out that characters who might never meet under normal circumstances can find out that their powers are actually more similar than anyone would expect. Just like Daredevil, the Silver Surfer does not rely on mere vision and light to “see” his enemies. His ability to perceive people by their souls presents a difficulty in this adventure, as the villain they face lacks a soul and therefore is able to avoid detection by the Surfer. Daredevil and the Silver Surfer actually get along pretty well, despite their major differences, and part of that might just be because their powers are much closer than anyone would assume.

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