Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1 review

The year of Giant-Size continues today with Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1. This one-shot is part of Marvel’s year-long celebration of the Giant-Size line’s 50th anniversary, with each issue featuring an entire reprint of a classic tale. Both stories in this week’s issue feature Silver Surfer and Terrax. Nuff said, Marvel Cosmic fans?

Right out of the gate, Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1 is a great look at the difference between Terrax and Silver Surfer. Both are previous heralds of Galactus, but both do things differently. Terrax’s feelings are actually hurt at the start when folks assume he’s Silver Surfer, though he doesn’t show it. To prove a point, he plans to lure Silver Surfer to him and take him off the board.

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Writer Mat Groom does a great job with artist Tommaso Bianchi to capture Terrax’s somewhat pathetic need for validation. He’s also overly aggressive and proud to be a punch-first and ask-questions-later kind of guy. That’s revealed when Silver Surfer’s plans come into focus, further revealing the peaceful Silver Surfer isn’t about punching his way to victory.

'Giant-Size Silver Surfer' #1 review

Terrax expects applause.
Credit: Marvel

Bianchi really stretches the pages in this issue with long panels and wide panels. The fight with Terrax reveals the speed and strength of the Silver Surfer well. Andrew Dalhouse’s colors do a fantastic job of capturing the cosmic blasts as well.

The story does feel a bit one-note, though. It’s basically one fight scene, which is what Giant-Size sells, but it’d be nice if there’s a bit more depth to the story.

Similar to other Giant-Size issues, I do find it odd that the extra-size isn’t the new story, but it’s because it’s bundled with a reprint. Marvel is asking readers to spend $7 for a new regular-sized story and a backup they can likely find on Marvel Unlimited or in a dollar bin. That’s not to say the reprint of Silver Surfer #80 is bad, but it’s a misleading choice.

The backup, written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Ron Lim and Tom Christopher-Ken, features Silver Surfer caught in the crossfire of an epic throwdown between Terrax and Morg the Executioner. If you haven’t read it and are interested in Marvel Cosmic, it’s a must-read.

If you’re a fan of Marvel Cosmic you’ll love Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1. The idea of it being “extra-sized” due to a reprint continues to be odd, but if you have the coin, pick this up.

'Giant-Size Silver Surfer' #1 is good Marvel Cosmic

‘Giant-Size Silver Surfer’ #1 is good Marvel Cosmic

Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1

If you’re a fan of Marvel Cosmic you’ll love Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1. The idea of it being “extra-sized” due to a reprint continues to be odd, but if you have the coin, pick this up.

The pride of Terrax is tested well

Surfer show’s he’s more brains than brawn

Art stretches the pages well

The $7 format is due to a reprint of an old comic

Main story is basically one fight scene

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