From Wheelchair to Corporate World: Sam Steel’s Story

Sam Steel: A Journey of Empowerment from Wheelchair to Corporate World

The world started to expand for Sam Steel when he was three. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his early childhood, it was his first wheelchair, a gift from charity Whizz Kidz, that catalyzed his journey towards autonomy and opportunity. Steel recalls the freedom and identity that the wheelchair granted him, allowing him to explore his surroundings and establish his sense of self.

Whizz Kidz: Empowering through Mobility

Whizz Kidz, a renowned charity dedicated to young wheelchair users, has been instrumental in enabling individuals to acquire the necessary equipment, skills, and confidence to progress in life. Their mission echoes in Steel’s story, who not only embraced his mobility equipment but became acutely aware of the existing accessibility challenges. His experience sparked a drive to normalize reliance on such equipment and celebrate differences.

From Education to Corporate Success

After completing his further education, Steel emerged as the trailblazer for individuals with disabilities, becoming the first person to acquire a work placement at EY through a partnership with Whizz Kidz in 2015. His prowess and determination secured him a full-time position with the firm as a project manager. Today, he helms the partnership between Ability EY and Whizz Kidz, advocating for and empowering young wheelchair users to gain meaningful experience in the corporate world.

Addressing Broader Issues Surrounding Disability

Steel’s narrative also sheds light on broader issues surrounding disability, including misconceptions about limitations and the need for enhanced visibility and acceptance. Whizz Kidz continues its relentless efforts to break down barriers and uplift individuals facing medical challenges. The charity provides work experience and professional connections, further paving the path for individuals with disabilities.

The charity is currently in the spotlight as part of The Times and The Sunday Times’ Christmas Appeal. The campaign is receiving a significant boost from Barratt Developments Plc, which has pledged to match all donations. Steel’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of charities like Whizz Kidz and the potential within us all, regardless of the challenges we face.

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