Origin, Beliefs & Power Armor


  • Brotherhood of Steel’s Power Armor is a key feature, giving members a technological advantage in the wasteland.
  • The faction’s origins stem from a desire to preserve advanced technology and regulate its use.
  • The Fallout show introduces new character Maximus, a conflicted soldier under the Brotherhood’s command.

Amazon Prime’s Fallout has already introduced the iconic Brotherhood of Steel to TV audiences via its most recent trailer, but their origins, beliefs, and Power Armor make them one of the franchise’s most important factions. The Brotherhood of Steel is perhaps best known for their stainless-steel Power Armor and their impressive arsenal of weapons, but the faction’s origin and strong beliefs are arguably their most interesting aspect. Despite being shown relatively briefly in the trailers, the Fallout TV show makes changes to the Power Armor, which already makes the Brotherhood of Steel even more interesting.

Another notable aspect of the faction is the Brotherhood of Steel’s ability to defeat various monsters in Fallout with relative ease, which supports the faction’s claims of protecting citizens and maintaining order. With Fallout coming to the small screen in early April, it won’t be long before audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with the source material discover how the Brotherhood of Steel will impact the new story. Furthermore, it remains to be seen exactly how Amazon Prime sustains a balance between maintaining the Brotherhood of Steel’s characterization from the games, while also presenting new ideas.


How Many Vaults Exist In Fallout

The upcoming Fallout TV show is already proving it understands its source material. However, it remains to be seen how many vaults the show has.

The Brotherhood Of Steel Is A Military Order In Fallout

The Brotherhood of Steel’s primary objective is to restore order to what is now known as the Wasteland.

Fallout 1 cover of Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel was created by Captain Roger Maxson shortly after Fallout‘s Great War – that is, a devastating war between America and China that saw the extreme use of nuclear warheads, which contributed to the game’s post-apocalyptic setting, in an effort to maintain and preserve advanced technology while also regulating its use. As such, it isn’t atypical for one to see members of the military faction roaming the wasteland, as their presence alone generally compels people to submit to their authority. While the Brotherhood of Steel’s initial goals are admirable, their methods are not.

One of the Brotherhood of Steel’s greatest technological advancements is their iconic Power Armor.

Whether bolstered by their misguided sense of justice, their Power Armor’s impressive feats, or a combination of the two, many members of the Brotherhood of Steel are depicted throughout the video games as authoritarian figures who rely heavily on various intimidation tactics to get others to fall in line. While Captain Maxson originally founded the Brotherhood of Steel to protect people, their goals eventually shifted to preserving technology so that future generations could learn about the mistakes of the past and avoid them. One of the Brotherhood of Steel’s greatest technological advancements is their iconic Power Armor.

The Brotherhood Of Steel’s Power Armor Explained

Power Armor is used by the Brotherhood of Steel to withstand the rigors of the Wasteland.

Also known as Power combat infantry armor and powered infantry armor, the Power Armor is the Brotherhood of Steel’s personally-designed infantry combat technology that was designed before the events of the Great War. Boasting many different models, each with its own unique abilities, the Power Armor has appeared in every Fallout game, and it is perhaps most easily identified by its distinct, metallic visage adorned with the Brotherhood of Steel’s logo on its breastplate. In addition to its intimidating appearance, the Power Armor is notable for enhancing one’s mobility, strength, and durability.

Although the Power Armor is primarily used by the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave military factions, players are also capable of attaining their own Power Armor, with Fallout 4 being the best example of providing players with the sensation of stomping through the wasteland. Although the Fallout show only offers glimpses of the Power Armor, it already demonstrates that the show’s version works differently by providing its wearer, Maximus, with the ability to fly, while also having a more advanced mask/visor. While little is known about the Brotherhood of Steel in the show, Fallout is already making them more prominent.

Maximus wants to be a respected member of the Brotherhood of Steel, as he believes earning that distinction would give him a greater purpose in the post-apocalyptic world.

How The Fallout Show Will Incorporate The Brotherhood Of Steel

Maximus is a soldier under the Brotherhood of Steel’s command who is conflicted about their objectives.

Aaron Moten as Maximus in Amazon Prime's Fallout.

While the Brotherhood of Steel is well-known throughout the Fallout franchise, newcomer Maximus is an original character who was created by showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and while there isn’t a lot of information on him, he’s one of three protagonists in the upcoming live-action video game adaptation. Maximus is a young man whose greatest aspiration in life is to become a soldier. More specifically, Maximus wants to be a respected member of the Brotherhood of Steel, as he believes earning that distinction would give him a greater purpose in the post-apocalyptic world.

Played by Aaron Moten, Maximus is described by Nolan as a squire in the Brotherhood of Steel, who is conflicted by some of the Brotherhood of Steel’s more morally ambiguous motives despite wanting to be a respected member among their ranks. Whereas Ella Purnell’s Lucy is naive and Walton Goggins’s Ghoul is a total cynic, Moten’s Maximus is somewhere in between, as demonstrated by the trailer. While Maximus is depicted as a loyal soldier in the Brotherhood of Steel, his interactions with Lucy and the Ghoul suggest his character arc in Fallout will see him eventually leave the group.


Based on the video game franchise of the same name, Fallout is a drama series set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The series follows the survivors of the human race in an alternate 1950s timeline, where nuclear war laid waste to the Earth, spawning large irradiated areas and mutated humans who now roam the planet.

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