Steel framing for passenger terminal set to go up soon at Texarkana airport

TEXARKANA, Ark. — The Texarkana Regional Airport’s new passenger terminal now has a foundation to build on — which means the building itself will be next.

Airport Executive Director Paul Mehrlich told Airport Authority Board members Thursday that Phase 2 work should begin later this month with the constructing of the building’s steel frame and roof. This project is expected to last into the summer months of 2022.

Before 2022 ends, Phase 3 could start with installation of the new terminal’s business offices.

In other business, Mehrlich said United Airlines flights to Houston from Texarkana Regional, are still scheduled to start Feb. 13.

United will offer one flight per day, to and from Houston, for a one-year trial period, in order to see if enough business is generated. If so, they would continue the flights.

The projected air time between Texarkana and Houston averages out to be about 45 minutes in a plane that can hold about 50 passengers.

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the country.

For Texarkana Regional Airport, this will be the second time an airlines will be attempting to offer commercial flights to Houston. In 2008, Continental Airlines offered commercial passenger flights from here to there. but they eventually discontinued.

Currently, Texarkana still has three American Airlines flights per day to and from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. These flights take about 35 minutes before arriving.

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