Sugar Camp Days Bendix Woods County Park tapping Norway maple invasive

Native sugar maples and black maples are tapped in the sugar bush at Bendix Woods County Park in New Carlisle, where Sugar Camp Days return March 19-20, 2022.

Sugar maple trees reign in glory this weekend as we pour their golden syrup on pancakes. But you may be surprised at some other trees in your back yard that can yield syrup, too — even an invasive one.

Sugar Camp Days return in full force March 19-20 to Bendix Woods County Park in New Carlisle for the first time since 2019, coming back from pandemic cancelations.

We’ll gather to watch as the lifeblood of certain trees is carefully drawn and boiled down to a dense syrup. At Bendix Woods, it will come from the native sugar maple and the similar black maple trees — hailed among maple species for their high sugar content.

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