Sadistic pedophile blackmailer posing as “sugar daddy” will spend 32 years in prison – CVBJ

A pedophile was posing as a millionaire, but was actually an employee of a fast food chain.

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A dangerous pedophile who impersonating a wealthy stockbroker “Sugar daddy” was sentenced to 32 years in prison after blackmailing his victims into committing child sexual abuse disgusting, affecting around 2,000 people

Abdul Elahi, 26, who he actually lived with his parents and worked at McDonald’s, bragged about his jet-set lifestyle and using private jets to fly to Los Angeles.

Elahi preyed on financially desperate women and after catching them with the “sugar daddy” hook, he blackmailed them into performing degrading sexual acts.

Later sold the images to pedophiles around the world in prepackaged boxes, which included young women who abused themselves, their brothers and their children.

With what he obtained from the sales of the degrading material, laundered money through gift cards from Amazon and then bought electrical items for cash.

In a single sale, McDonald’s worker exchanged a terabyte of images and twisted footage, equivalent to a thousand hours of video and 310,000 photos.

The man I started by asking women for photos in high heels, then more explicit sexual images and interrogated them about their personal life and their children.

Subsequently, his requests became increasingly twisted, from inserting objects into the genitals, licking feces, drinking urine and putting his head in the toilet. OR manipulated them to display posters with messages like ‘Rape me’, ‘I’m a child molester’ and ‘I hate black people’.

What’s more, I asked young women with children about them She was “interested in incest videos” and wanted to sell them online worldwide.

But he did not stop there, some of his victims were forced to self-mutilate and blackmailed others into sending him images of them abusing young children, some as young as eight months old.

The McDonald’s worker sent them false images of him transferring large amounts of money to persuade women to carry out the abuse against their children, and when some refused to do so, he threatened to expose them to their relatives and work colleagues, the photos they had previously sent him.

The damage done by Elahi is so great that even some of his victims attempted suicide after he uploaded videos of them to pornographic websites.

The pedophile previously admitted 158 sex crimes online after he targeted nearly 2,000 victims in 34 countries between 2017 and 2019.

Last Wednesday, Elahi was branded “depraved”, “loathsome” and “insensitive” in the Crown Court from Birmingham and was sentenced to 32 years in prison with an extended license period of eight years.

He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

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