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The Sugar Bowl between No. 3 Texas and No. 2 Washington might have come down to the last play of the game, but it’s likely going to be remembered by most for another reason.

It was the game that ESPN decided to head out to Bourbon Street to grab some B-roll. What they ended up catching on camera and broadcasting to the millions watching was a woman on the street pulling out one of her boobs.

ESPN boobs

What a moment. It’s the kind of moment that brings people on social media together.

As for ESPN, they had to issue an apology for their red hot start to 2024. That came from P.R. rep Bill Hofheimer. He said of the boob flashing moment, “We regret that this happened and apologize that the video aired in the telecast.”

Thank you Bill for that. I don’t know how we could move forward without the apology.

ESPN Sugar Bowl Flasher

The woman, if she’s ever found, could cash in on her viral moment. That’s because CamSoda loves these kinds of viral internet moments.

Whether you’re “Instagram famous” and having a meltdown on a plane, or simply minding your own business when ESPN happens to catch you doing your thing on Bourbon Street, the livestreaming webcam platform wants to work with you.

Sugar Bowl Flasher Has A Six-Figure Offer Waiting For Her Should She Decide To Come Forward

According to TMZ, they’ve been trying to track the Sugar Bowl Flasher down since her viral moment and they have an offer of up to $100k on the table waiting for her.

CamSoda would love for her to recreate her Bourbon Street magic during a one-hour webcam show next week. Vice President Daryn Parker said on Tuesday, “One could argue that she was the real MVP of the game last night.”

He continued, “We see a lot of breasts on our platform but these certainly caught our eyes … and all of America’s. I didn’t know ESPN was into that kind of stuff!”

If this isn’t a sign that we’re in for a wild 2024 I don’t know what is. Make sure your seat back and tray table is in the upright and locked position this is going to be quite the ride.

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