Sugar Land a ‘dangerous’ suburb? City takes issue with recent report

The grand menorah is lit at the 2021 Chanukah Spectacular in Sugar Land.

The grand menorah is lit at the 2021 Chanukah Spectacular in Sugar Land.

Courtesy/Chabad of Sugar Land

A report claiming Sugar Land is one of Houston’s most “dangerous neighborhoods” has been met with skepticism both online and from the Fort Bend County city’s officials.

“Sugarland (sic) is another one of the most dangerous areas in Houston,” according to the October article, in which the city name was misspelled as one word. “It’s a great place for a day trip. However, it’s not a great place to raise your kids.”


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Not only did city officials vehemently disagree with the notion but it turns out, PropertyClub itself had also previously posted an article contradicting the whole premise.

While Sugar Land is in the Houston metro area, it is a separate city, in a different county than Houston, and is widely considered to be among the most affluent in the state. The city has more than 111,000 people, according to Sugar Land statistics from 2020.

The median income was among the first things that jumped out to Doug Adolph, the city’s communications and community engagement director, as wrong with the article. While PropertyClub listed the median income as just over $46,000, the median household income in the city is more than $120,000.

“That’s what makes me think they confused Sugar Land with another community in the Houston area because the numbers they used just aren’t accurate to our community,” Adolph said. “It could just be an honest mistake.”


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The article states the violent crime rate is 1,228 per 100,000 people. City data disagrees. In 2022, the city had around 100 violent crimes in its population of just over 111,000.

The main crime of concern in Sugar Land is property crime, which includes vehicle burglaries and theft when people leave belongings in their cars in plain view and then there are break-ins, Adolph said.

“Public safety is the top priority in Sugar Land, which encompasses quality law enforcement, crime prevention, and community policing,” said Councilor Carol McCutcheon to the Houston Chronicle in 2021. “This also includes maintaining a low crime rate and having a rapid, effective, and coordinated response to an emergency. Our residents feeling safe, secure, and comfortable increases the quality of life.”

PropertyClub lists the unemployment rate as 6.8%, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census, the Sugar Land metro area’s unemployment rate is 4.1%.


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PropertyClub released an article listing Sugar Land as the fifth safest area in Houston three months before the contradictory piece. PropertyClub also marked West University Place, Downtown Houston and Midtown as safe.

“Sugar Land has everything available for fun family outings,” PropertyClub wrote in July. “Crime rates in this area are slightly higher than in other neighborhoods on this list, with theft and burglary posing significant issues for the community.”

PropertyClub was not available for comment. Adolph says he focuses on ensuring media outlets know the material is inaccurate.

“I don’t know that anybody would look at a comparison like this, especially people that are familiar with our city, people that live here, and believe it to be true,” Adolph said.

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