Superofficial coffee shop opening in Rome NY art gallery Copper Easel

Like most friends, Jonathon Matwijec-Walda and Adam Chrisman have been pursuing their professional goals separately.

A coffee lover, Matwijec-Walda worked part-time at Character Coffee in Utica and was involved with the Rome Capitol Theater and in the Rome City School Board. Chrisman, an artist, has owned the art gallery the Copper Easel in downtown Rome since 2019.

The duo came together last year to combine their businesses and create something new. The result is coffee shop Superofficial, opening soon at the Copper Easel at 216 West Dominick St. in Rome. While there isn’t a target opening date yet, they hope to open sometime in April.

Coffee shop owner Jonathon Matwijec-Walda and art gallery owner Adam Chrisman joined forces to bring coffee and art together in one Rome spot.

During his time at Character Coffee, Matwijec-Walda brought a coffee cart at Copper Easel’s events. This combination attracted many people, he said.

“It makes perfect sense to me that we need like a hip café, something that excites people, it’s not just a place to get coffee, it’s a place to go, it’s a place to feel a part of the atmosphere,” Matwijec-Walda said.

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