SweetLeaf Debuts Salted Caramel Zero Sugar Stevia Syrup

It’s the decadence of your favorite dessert without the sugar! SweetLeaf, the award-winning, all-natural stevia and monk fruit sweetener brand, has unveiled the latest flavor in its lineup of Stevia Syrups — salted caramel.

Drizzle on some sweetness and start your day the SweetLeaf way with the stevia and monk fruit-sweetened syrups. The salted caramel flavor joins SweetLeaf’s existing lineup of Stevia Syrups, including maple, butter, blueberry, cinnamon and butter pecan, and makes the perfect complement to your breakfast pancakes, waffles, oatmeal and more.

“Starting your morning with too much sugar can lead to an insulin spike and crash when you need energy the most,” said Michael May, president of SweetLeaf. “Our salted caramel flavor and full line of Stevia Syrups lets consumers reduce their daily sugar intake while still getting a taste of the sweet life at the start of the day — without the glycemic response.”

Breakfast has long been a sugar-heavy meal. Sweetened cereals, standard syrups and added sugars to coffee, oatmeal and juices are considered the norm. Children are particularly susceptible to the impacts of breakfast sugar and consume half of their daily sugar intake before they get to school, according to Public Health England, which can lead to type-2 diabetes, tooth decay and unhealthy BMIs.

“There’s no doubt that, as a society, we need to reduce our sugar intake to increase our overall health,” May said. “SweetLeaf is about bringing all-natural, no-sugar alternatives to the masses without compromising taste or quality.”

SweetLeaf’s Stevia Syrups complement its extended brand of no-sugar sweeteners, including Sweet Drops, a liquid product perfect for sweetening morning coffee and tea, and Better Than Sugar, SweetLeaf’s one-to-one granulated and powdered no-sugar product that can be used in pancakes and waffles in place of standard sugar.

SweetLeaf Stevia Syrups are available for purchase starting April 1 via Amazon, and

About Wisdom Natural Brands

Wisdom Natural Brands, based in Gilbert, Arizona, has been the leading stevia expert and industry pioneer with its plant-based SweetLeaf brand for 40 years. SweetLeaf has won 38 awards for taste and innovation with their variety of stevia and monk fruit products. SweetLeaf sweeteners have zero sugars and no artificial ingredients, and are non-GMO and gluten free. SweetLeaf products are available in powder, granular, and liquid forms, making them easy to incorporate into any lifestyle so every day is as sweet as the next. To shop SweetLeaf’s natural sweeteners, go to, online retailers and select grocery stores.

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