Tangshan Required Production Restrictions Again, 300,000-400,000 mt of Steel Output to Be Reduced_SMM

SHANGHAI, Dec 3 (SMM) – Tangshan issued another notice of stricter production restrictions on the afternoon of December 2, requiring many steel mills to shut down some blast furnaces and sintering machines, which is tentatively scheduled to end on December 11.

According to SMM survey, more than 10 companies, including steel companies in the Tangshan Iron and Steel New Area, have received relevant requirements. 6 companies have shut down the machines, and 4 companies are temporarily maintaining normal production. It is estimated that about 300,000 mt of output will be reduced in the next 10 days based on the current production situation.

If the relevant enterprises all shut down the blast furnaces and sintering machines, the total reduction will be about 420,000 mt.

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