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The Absolute Best Wines To Pair With Steak

Cabernet Sauvignon and steak are the love and marriage, horse and carriage go-to pairing. “Be it a big, fruity Napa Cab, an earthy barn-yardy Bordeaux Cabernet blend, or a bold Australian Cab, but there are other cowboys at this rodeo,” Laura Pauli, Chef & Certified Sommelier at Cucina Testa Rossa told Tasting Table. “I certainly won’t say no to a glass of Cab wherever it’s from, but given the choice, these days, I channel my inner Stanley Tucci and head to Italy.”

A great ribeye is in need of two things: tannin and acid. “Those ordering a ribeye love it for its decadence,” sommelier Amanda McCrossin told Tasting Table.

But striking a balance and not getting overwhelmed five bites in by the richness of the steak requires a wine that won’t give you palate fatigue. “The key to this is finding a wine that has enough tannin to stand up to it but that doesn’t overwhelm with more richness in the way of fleshy fruit and lacking acidity, such as a California Cabernet from a cooler mountain site like the Moon Mountain District in Sonoma, which experiences cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay,” said McCrossin.

When considering a Cabernet, some great options include Tussock Jumper Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 of Argentina, 2017 Larkmead Cabernet Sauvignon, or Los Vascos Cromas Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2018.

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