This Device from Asus Tells Whether Your Fruits and Vegetables Are Clean or Not

Asus' New Device Tells Whether Your Fruits and Vegetables Are Clean or Not

From manufacturing high-end gaming and professional laptops, Asus is also well-known in the smartphone market due to the ROG Phone series, which was first released back in 2018. Now, the Taiwanese giant has released a unique device that enables users to determine the cleanliness and hygiene of fruits and vegetables during cooking sessions.

Asus PureGo Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector Launched

Dubbed as the Asus PureGo PD100, the device comes in a compact and lightweight design and gives users a detailed report about whether their fruits and veggies are clean or not. It has a waterproof build and features laboratory-grade food safety testing equipment to help users clean their edibles without using more-than-enough water.

The Asus PureGo Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector can work independently or with its companion app for smartphones to detect the hygiene of the fruits and veggies. It even allows users to store their entire wash history and share them with friends and family, for whatever reasons.

Now, coming to the way it works, users need to drop the Asus PureGo PD100 into the bowl of water they use to wash their vegetables and fruits to start the detection process. The device will then use innovative optical-detection technology to identify pesticides and other water pollutants in the water.

Asus' New Device Tells Whether Your Fruits and Vegetables Are Clean or Not

The company also says that it uses dynamic algorithms to detect the cleanliness of food items. Users can also get cleanliness reminders on their smartphones or check the on-device LED indicator to determine whether their fruits and vegetables are cleaned or not.

The device is made of TFDA-certified material and comes with an ergonomic grip. To prevent vegetable leaves and other elements from getting into the system, it packs 28 blades placed 2mm apart from each other, which also improves the accuracy of the detection process. However, it is worth mentioning that some items like strawberries, mushrooms, some seaweed, and spinach are incompatible with the PureGo PD100.

Furthermore, the device comes with a dedicated wireless charging stand where users can put the device after use to keep it charged up for the next cleaning session. You can check out the official promo video of the Asus PureGo PD100 right below.

Price and Availability

Coming to the price and availability of the device, the Asus PureGo Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector is currently only available in the US with a steep price tag of $200 (~Rs 15,048). Whether Asus plans to launch the device in other countries is currently unknown. You can check out this product on the official Asus website, and if you live in the US, you can place your order right here.

If the company releases the PureGo PD100 in India, would you buy such a device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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