Tony’s Chocolonely Aiming to Spark Further ‘Conversation’ with UK Chocolate Lovers

The ethical chocolate maker has released three ‘Conversation Bars’ — available exclusively online and at Waitrose through January 25 — designed to provoke
discussion around systemic issues in the chocolate supply chain.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s limited-edition Conversation
emblazoned with a question around the three themes in question — “What does
(In)Justice/(In)Equality/(In)Humanity mean to you?” — come in
three new, Fairtrade-certified flavors: Milk caramel almond nougat pretzel
sea salt (Equality), dark lemony caramel cocoa biscuit (Humanity) [vegan], and
white raspberry biscuit sprinkles (Justice).

As the brand explained on Instagram:

“We think change begins with conversation. Research shows that contact and dialogue with people outside your bubble increases empathy, which leads to a shift in attitudes and behaviour.”

On the heels of a similar activation embedded in its 2021 Advent calendar
which garnered mixed reactions from

— the Conversation Bars continue the brand’s
mission to create a ‘100%
slave free’ cocoa supply chain and educate the public on forced labor and other
economic and human rights issues that persist in the cocoa industry and beyond.
The pack featuring all three Bars, available online, also includes a
Conversation Cards game designed to continue the discussion.

“Our Conversation Bars and the accompanying campaign is designed to facilitate
constructive conversations between people on all sides,” Jo Lane, Tony’s
Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. “By increasing empathy and
understanding around these three important issues, on a societal level and in
the context of the chocolate industry, we hope to drive more support for our
mission to eradicate modern slavery and illegal child labour. Because it’s only
together that we can make all chocolate 100% slave free.”

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“Tony’s not only make stand-out delicious chocolate bars, they are shining a
spotlight on the inequalities across the cocoa industry and ensuring their
ingredients are sourced ethically – giving our customers a great tasting product
and peace of mind, too,” a Waitrose spokesperson told Confectionery Production.
“As the first UK supermarket to stock Tony’s, we have always believed in the
quality and values of this brand; and we’re ecstatic to have three exclusive
bars of our own that we know our customers will absolutely adore.”

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