Vegetable, fruit prices down by 20 per cent at Koyambedu market


Prices of vegetables have decreased by 20 per cent due to an increase in supply at Koyambedu wholesale market on Monday. Traders said that from next month, first crop cultivation would start all vegetables to witness the further decline in the rates.

“For the past 15 days, there has been no rain in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, so the supply has marginally gone up by 50 vehicles. The market was receiving 250 truckloads of vegetables and today we got 300 truckloads, which leads to a decrease in the prices by 20 per cent” said P Sukumaran, Treasurer, Koyambedu Wholesale Merchants’ Association.

“However, from January, first crop cultivation would begin and the supply will normalise, even as prices of all vegetables is expected to come down and will be sold less than Rs 40 per kg,” he added.

Currently, onions are sold for Rs 40 per kg, tomatoes Rs 30 – Rs 40 per kg, peas Rs 40 – Rs 50 per kg, drumstick Rs 100-150 per kg, cabbage and chow for Rs 20 per kg, carrots, and beetroot sold for Rs 60 per kg.

Even fruit markets at Koyambedu witnessed a further drop in the prices by 20 per cent as there is no sale from last month. The rates are expected to go up during summer.

“Due to climatic change, people are not buying any fruits which has led to a decrease in prices from last month. Though it’s a temple festival season, the sale remains dull. So we are expecting it would increase only during summer,” said S Dhanasekar, Secretary, Koyambedu Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Merchants’ Association.

Pomegranate is being for sold for Rs 100 – Rs 120 per kg, orange Rs 60 per kg, apple Rs 100 per kg, pineapple Rs 40 per kg, and sweet lime Rs 50 per kg.

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