Viral Video: This Gold-Silver Plated Paan Costs INR 760 Per Piece; Internet Calls It Overrated

The internet is a vast place that keeps us informed and entertained, simultaneously. There might be certain educational things you would like to read. If not that, then the cute animal videos, babies doing adorable stuff, or maybe even mysteries and conspiracy theories hold our attention. While there are many things to explore, the latest food combinations and food trends are what that keep us intrigued! And if you too have an interest in it, then you came to the right place! Recently, a viral video on social media has grasped the viewers; it is of a gold and silver-plated paan! Yes, you heard us! If you don’t believe that such a combination exists- then allow us to introduce you to it.

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In a video posted by Instagram user @thegreatindianfoodie, we can see a man preparing the paan. He firsts adda katha, masala, rose paste, chandan paste, and other ingredients of a paan on a leaf. Then he tops it three silver sheets. Above that, he adds what seems to be powdered coconut, a few candied pieces, lots of gulkand and closes the pan. Finally, he puts the gold sheet on the outside and serves it. According to @thegreatindianfoodie, a piece of this paan costs INR 760. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 4.8 million times and has received 292k likes and hundreds of comments!

Despite this video going popular, many people have added sarcastic comments regarding the price of the paan. One user said, “Rahne do bhai mai 5 rupya wale mai khush hoon (Please let it be, I am happy in Rs. 5 paan only).” Another user said, “That gold paper cost rupees 210 only, and the cost of a single paan is 5 to 10 rupees. And they are selling it for 760, mehenga chuna.”

Many other people have also said that this paan doesn’t look worth spending so much money on.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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