Watch: This Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa Is For All The Health Conscious People

There is a spate of desserts we love to have in summer, but come winter, and our taste buds want gajar ka halwa all the time. This winter-special halwa made with carrots and milk is an all-time favourite dessert we have known and loved. Almost all Indian households make this treat regularly during this season, but its high sugar content poses the only problem for weight watchers, diabetics and health conscious people. For them, this recipe of sugar-free gajar ka halwa is perfect! 

Without compromising on the taste, this recipe lets you have your favourite winter dessert without any guilt. The sweetness is rendered by healthier dates that replace unhealthy refined sugar. Dates are first soaked in water and then ground into a paste. The paste is added to chopped carrot, which is roasted in some ghee and simmered in milk till properly cooked. Cardamom powder and cashewnuts are also added to raise the flavour quotient of this delicious halwa. 

Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe: How To Make Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa

With just a handful of ingredients, you can make a healthy yet yummy gajar ka halwa for your entire family. Carrot is a great food to eat, especially in winter, as it may help aid weight loss, control cholesterol and also help build immunity. The best part about this dish is that it is super easy to make and all the ingredients are readily available in this season. 

Watch the full recipe of Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa in the header. For text recipe of Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa, click here.

So, without giving it any second thought, make this refined sugar-free version of the classic gajar ka halwa and enjoy the winter season without worrying about your health.

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