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What You Need To Know Before Taking Another Sip Of Mead

In addition to the different names for meads by alcohol content (hydromel/session, standard, and sack) there are other ways to classify mead. Per Beacon Mead, one of those categories is the aging period. If you’re looking for an older mead, select a bottle labeled “long mead.” If you’re making a mead without a lot of time to kill, look for recipes titled “quick mead.” Mead can also go by different names depending on where in the world it’s found. For example, mead in Mexico is sometimes called “Acan” and mead in Finland is sometimes called “Sima,” explains Home Stratosphere.

There are about 20 common kinds of mead that categorize themselves based on ingredients used. All of the meads will still contain honey, water, and likely yeast. However, these meads will also have specific things added to them, or certain processes employed, that define each.

According to Batch Mead, some of these mead categories are: Acerglyn (contains maple syrup), Braggot (contains barley malt), Bochet (contains caramelized honey), Capsicumel (contains chile peppers), Cyser (contains apples), Hippocras (contains botanicals and spices), Metheglin (contains spices, occasional fruit), Morat (contains mulberries), Omphacomel (contains “juice from unripened grapes”), Oxymel (contains vinegar), Pyment (contains grapes), and Rhodomel (contains rose hips or rose petals).

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