Woman seeks owner of gold locket found in parking garage in 2020

Sarah Curtiss poses at Rock Paper Scissors Thursday with the locket she found about two years ago. She has been searching for the owner ever since.

Walking through Indiana University’s Atwater Parking Garage after a performance of “Les Miserables” two years ago, Sarah Curtiss found a locket that contained someone’s family photos.

The heart-shaped locket, on a gold chain, apparently had been discovered on the ground and someone hung it on the handle of a stairwell doorway.

Curtiss paused, then tucked the necklace inside her purse. “I couldn’t just leave it there,” she said. “It was really late, and no one was around.”

She would try to find the owner of the necklace, whose sentimental value outweighs its monetary worth. “It’s a keepsake, a scratched-up old locket. You can tell it was loved and worn, and clearly the people inside were very much loved.” 

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